College of Engineering Awards

Staff Awards

Purpose and Objective of Staff Awards Program

The Staff Recognition Award Program is intended to provide a mechanism for employees to be recognized for outstanding performance in support of the college’s mission and university core values, going above and beyond their duties in the areas of Outstanding Service, Exemplary Service to Students and Outstanding Support of Research Activities.

2014 Award Categories

Eligibility Rules

  • Nominees must be permanent university employees of the College of Engineering (COE), Knowlton School of Architecture (KSA) or College of Engineering Advancement with at least a 50% FTE and a total of 1 year of continuous service as a permanent employee within COE, KSA or COE Advancement.

  • Award winners may not be re-nominated for the following three (3) years.

  • All nominees should be re-nominated in order to be considered for future award cycles as they will not be automatically considered or re-nominated. 

Nomination Process

  • One nomination form per category, per employee.

  • College of Engineering employees should be given at least 4 weeks to submit nominations.

  • All nominations are routed through HR and/or ESAC chair to confirm eligibility.

  • All nominations should come with endorsement/approval from Department Chair and Supervisor.

Selection Process

  • Nominees will be reviewed independently by ESAC selection committee members and scored using a prescribed system for evaluation.

  • Selection committee members will meet as a group to calibrate their scoring and to determine award recipients.

Please refer to University Reward and Recognition Policy for information on cash & non-cash awards, including university tax policy.  

Past Winners

2013 David Cade unclassified CBE
2011 Stephanie Schumaker unclassified COE
2011 Amy Franklin classified ECS
2010 Wade Moore unclassified MAE
2010 Jeri McMichael classified ISS
2009 Tammy Cimorell unclassified COE
2009 David Morelli classified BME
2008 Kimberly Clavin unclassified MAE
2008 Sherry Stoneman classified CBE
2007 John Merrill unclassified COE
2007 Molly Wambold classified ESL
2006 Mei Wang unclassified MSE
2006 Melanie Senitko classified BME
2005 Kirsten Gibbons unclassified BME
2005 Ellen Wallace classified KSA
2004 Andrea Severson unclassified COE
2004 Melodie McGrothers classified COE
2003 Lakshmi Dutta unclassified CEEGS
2003 Carol Scott classified COE
2002 Cindy Sopher classified CEEGS
2001 Ray Hunter unclassified CEEGS
2000 Becky Stringer unclassified COE
1999 Prem Kumar unclassified AER
1998 Nancy Beauchamp unclassified MSE
1997 Mary Hartzler unclassified ISE