College of Engineering Awards

Meritorious Service Citation

This special citation was established by the faculty of the College of Engineering in 1975 to recognize people "whose sustained and extraordinary personal service has had significant and lasting effect on the advancement of the College of Engineering." Members of the faculty and the Dean of Engineering may nominate people to be recognized.

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2017 Meritorious Service Citation Recipient

Doug Ball

Over the span of an impressive 37-year career, Doug Ball made a significant impact on the advancement of The Boeing Company and became a globally recognized leader in engineering management.

He served Boeing in various roles, including chief engineer for aerodynamics within Boeing Commercial Airplanes and later as director of enterprise-wide technology strategy development. He was fortunate to have worked on every in-production Boeing commercial airplane as well as the Dark Star reconnaissance vehicle. Although he retired from Boeing in 2014, Ball remains active as a consultant to NASA, the National Research Council and the U.S. Air Force.

Ball has made an equally significant impact on his alma mater. An advocate for academic success, his generous support to Ohio State includes the Doug Ball Aerospace Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Dr. Gerald Gregorek Aerospace Endowed Scholarship Fund. He helps inspire the next generation of Buckeye engineers as the chair of the Aerospace Engineering External Advisory Board within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE). He also sits on the steering committee for Hyperion’s high performance computing user forums.

He is a lifetime member of the Ohio State Alumni Association as well as the Sigma Gamma Tau and Tau Beta Pi engineering honorary societies.

Ball earned a bachelor’s (’74) and master’s (’75) in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Ohio State. In 2006, he received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the College of Engineering, and in 2013 he was the inaugural recipient of MAE’s Garvin L. Von Eschen Award in recognition of his technical and administrative excellence in leading successful aerospace projects and organizations.

Meritorious Service Citation Past Recipients

Year Recipient Graduation Department/Year
2017 Doug Ball AAE 74, 75
2016 Daniel Kimmet ME 71, 72
2015 George J. Kontogiannis  
2014 H.R. Ransom ARCH 61
2013 James F. Dietz CHE 69, 70 
2011 Robert J. Shaw AERO 70, 79
2010 Elliot B. Ross WE 69
2008 Mark Eisenman CE 73
2007 Ballard Power Systems Inc.  
2006 Peter Miller  
2005 Bruce Lavash ME 77, 78
2004 Michael Colburn IE 64, 86
2003 Dwight Blaser ME 66, 67, 71
2002 William Lowrie CHE 66
2000 James Marshall FCOB 66
1999 Ronald Harris CHE 61
1998 Charles Morin METE 72
1997 J. Richard Schorr CER 63, 64, 69
1996 Donald Glower  
1995 Ralph Rockow ME 58
1995 Marian Smith ME 48
1994 Richard Baker ME 69
1993 Richard Frasher ME 58
1993 Abba Lichtenstein CE 48
1992 James Rucker IE 67
1992 John Shepherd CER 58
1991 Richard Campbell WE 55
1991 David Davis MINE 33, METE 34
1991 Bruce Higham IE 43
1990 Thomas Chase METE 49
1990 Richard Trott ARCH 61
1989 William Grimes CHE 50
1989 Sam Whalen METE 51
1988 Arthur Avril MINE 25
1988 Rudolph Edse  
1987 Clarence Jackson  
1987 Forrest Poling ME 48
1986 Leland Brubaker ARCH 49
1986 Max Holzer ME 54
1985 Jason Lemon ME 62
1985 Paul Santilli CHE 51
1984 Frank Geyer IE 38, 47
1984 Edward Ungar ME 59, 86
1983 John Saalfield CE 36
1983 Richard R. Stander CE 40
1982 John Brothers  
1982 Elmer Timby CE 28
1981 Ralph Boyer ME 24, 30
1981 James Foley ARCH 50
1980 Robert McMaster  
1980 John White ME 52
1979 James Pierce IE 55
1978 Frederick Meyers ME 49
1977 Albert Schafer IE 58
1976 Edward Slowter CHE 34