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Benjamin G. Lamme Meritorious Achievement Medal

Benjamin G. Lamme, ME 1888, achieved international acclaim as a pioneering inventor and engineer for the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company at Pittsburgh. For 21 years he served as chief engineer for Westinghouse. Among his 162 patents were new inventions on railway motors, induction motors, converters, and the developments pertaining to the first Niagara Falls power system. In his will he provided that a gold medal be presented annually to a technical graduate of his alma mater for "meritorious achievement in engineering."

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2017 Benjamin G. Lamme Meritorious Achievement Medal Recipient

John M. Shepherd

As patriarch of his family’s business, John M. Shepherd has been the driving force behind the company’s successful growth into a global enterprise.

Shortly after college graduation in 1959, Shepherd joined his father at Shepherd Chemical Company, a business founded by his grandfather in Norwood, Ohio. His first role was in sales, selling both chemicals and ceramic colors. Recognizing that the technologies introduced by his relatives could create considerably more value, he set out to transform the company. By calling on large customers, emphasizing quality and service, and investing in technological advances to develop custom and proprietary products, Shepherd grew the company’s revenue more than a hundredfold.

He became Shepherd Chemical’s president in 1966, eventually moving the thriving color business to a separate entity in 1980. Today, Shepherd Color is a leading maker of complex inorganic color pigments with sales to customers around the world. Additionally, he refashioned a glass enamel acquisition to form Glass Coatings and Concepts in 2003 and steered the chemical business through a period of geographic expansion, during which it acquired several additional manufacturing facilities, including two in Europe. His stewardship of these companies has led to significant advances in automotive safety, air quality, durable aesthetics and numerous other benefits to society.

Shepherd has continued to support his alma mater over the last four decades. He recently completed his service with The Ohio State University Foundation Board and is a current member of the Fisher College of Business Dean’s Advisory Council.

Shepherd earned his bachelor’s in ceramic engineering (’58) and master’s in business administration (’59) from Ohio State. He received the College of Engineering’s Meritorious Service Citation in 1992 and the university’s Gerlach Development Volunteer Award and Distinguished Service Award in 2000 and 2009, respectively.

The Benjamin G. Lamme Meritorious Achievement Medal Past Recipients

Year Recipient Graduation Department/Year
2017 John M. Shepherd CER 58
2016 George W. Acock ARCH 63
2015 Jim Cates CIS 71
2014 Robert (Bob) Lee ME 78
2013 Thomas L. Thomas EE 66
2012 Sung-Hwan Kim CE 88, 94
2011 Monte Ahuja ME 70
2010 Paul Ryan EE 56
2009 Burn Jeng Lin EE 63, 70
2008 Michael Winfield CHE 62
2007 Charles Martin EngPhysics 60
2006 William Fillmore ME 36
2005 George Hoddy EE 26
2004 Robert Nerem AAE 61, 64
2003 Warren Bulman EE 58
2002 O. Lester Smithers CHE 63
2001 Daniel Kimmet ME 71, 72
2000 Robert Friedman EE 60
1999 Larry Hench CER 64
1998 Ralph Rockow ME 58
1997 Thomas Hanratty CE 50
1996 Dr. Eugene Jarrett CHE 66, 68
1995 Frank Schuh CHE 65
1994 Jason Lemon ME 62
1993 John Hirth MET 59
1992 William Lowrie CHE 66
1991 Marlin Thurston EE 55
1990 Paul Torgersen IE 56, 59
1989 Gary Kimmet ME 66, 69
1988 John Moll Eng Phys, EE 43, 52
1987 Robert Shurtz MIN 37
1986 William Harris CHE 44
1985 Ted Harley CER 43
1984 Richard Morrow MIN, PET 48
1983 Harold Sorgenti CHE 59
1982 Cloyd Reeg CHE 48
1981 Sun Chun CHE 64
1980 Stanley Harrison EE 58
1977 Donald Garrett CHE 50
1976 Rupert Atkin ME 41
1975 Donald Rhodes EE 45
1974 John White ME 52